Sunday, October 29, 2006

It took 2 weeks, but it got done.

Finally, I have gotten the green light to progress to prep week #2. This is after two weeks of trying to successfully navigate the aches and pains of post marathon running. It hasn't been easy. The prep week #1 called for 30 / 60 minute alternating days with 30 minute recovery runs in the evenings. While this sounds easy - it was far from it.

First, motivating onself to get all geared up for a 30 minute core recovery run is difficult. I'm barely warmed up and the run is over. Secondly, there's the evening run of thirty minutes. Easily accomplished, but since this was new to the schedule, it became a burden rather quickly. Thirdly, because the evening run was the exact time as the morning run every other day, the body didn't know which run was the "core" run and I'd find myself running too quickly for both. And last - despite the reduction in mileage, I had every ache and pain known to man. My left knee hurt, my right knee hurt, the quads were sore, I got charlie horses in my calves at night, and to put the cherry on top, the bottom of my left foot is now complaining.

This is part and parcel for me whenever I bring the old body back online. It knows I'm planning something uncomfortable and it's dragging its heels like a stubborn mule. This week, whatever the niggles, I have completed prep week #1's required workouts without dropping out or sustaining a run-threatening injury. I did the repeat at a lower intensity (lower speed) and it has seemed to work. At least it worked to get me out of this rut of low mileage running and into something resembling training beginning tomorrow.

This week, I am to do a 90 / 60 minute alternation (if that's a word) culminating in a 2 hour hour "long run" on Sunday. I have the feeling the 2 hour long run will be increased to 3 hours because Marc and Mike are descending on Boyden's Lake to start the winter version of the Sunday long run. So this means tomorrow morning, instead if being faced with the prospect of 30 lousy minutes of jogging, I will be on course for 90 whole minutes. I cannot wait. This is where I need to be. Let's hope I am successful with this week in just one attempt so I can continue my climb into the stratospheric environment of triple digits - where I feel most at home once I'm over the pain of the ascent.

I do believe that was the key to my success this last time - stopping the climb. Getting up to the mileage level I wanted and just staying there. No more climbing, no additional stress. Just let the body adapt. It's a farther climb this time but less steep in that I have a couple of interim steps before I reach the maximum rotation (125 miles). I should see about 77 miles next week I think. Last week I finished out Saturday with 52.2 miles as opposed to 56 miles the week before. I lowered the average pace from 8:15 to 8:48 per mile and lowered the avg HR to 138 from 145. This made a difference in how my poor old bones responded.

Sundays begin my week on my logbook but end my week on my plan. Oh well. I'm sure this will change to yet another day when the new year rolls around and I have to start another log.

Congratulations to Mark for his 2:52 finish at Cape Cod.

And now with this time change thing, I am exhausted and it's only 8:30. Goodnight.


Blogger Jamie said...

I hope the plane reaches cruising altitude okay. Best of luck with that. Great job at slowing down for the recovery runs (that's my sticking point). It's interesting comparing your recovery plan to mine. Pretty different in some respects, but both are seemingly sound and logical.

10/30/2006 6:24 AM  
Blogger Mark I. said...

It looks like I'm following in your foot steps strategy-wise even though everything I am doing is in less volume and speed.

10/30/2006 11:12 AM  
Blogger Love2Run said...

2 hours is a nice round number too! But you know me, always game for whatever plan comes up. Glad to hear the there have been no more run-threatening injuries (that's a new term on me). cya!

10/30/2006 7:34 PM  

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