Thursday, October 19, 2006

My 2nd 60 minute run

It went better than the first. It feels like the legs are getting back into the groove. Still sore, but it seems like I'm enjoying the run even more now that I'm getting a little sense of fatigue from the doubles.

At first the workouts were like massages. It felt very good to have the muscles worked a little and get the blood flowing. Now I feel like I'm getting some stride back - especially near the end of the run. I've always felt better on the longer runs. And this is probably why my 30 minute recovery runs at night are 'Ok' but not great. It takes about 30 minutes just to get warmed up - and it's over. But at 30 minutes, no damage, just the benefit of accumulating miles and keeping the blood flowing.

This evening as I was stretching slightly before my run when I realized that with my current schedule this week, I was about to embark on 3 consecutive 30 minute workouts. Ugh. 1 down, 2 to go before I get to do 60 minutes again on Saturday.

My nightly 30 minute "doubles" are getting progressively slower. This is good. The trouble with fresh legs is that you tend to go out there a little too fast - especially when recovery is the purpose. So now that I am consistently doing two per day, my legs are bounding down the path with a little less vigor than before after work. Good.

This is early in the game but as I emailed Mike in response to his recent comment, I do better getting the program up and running and holding to it rather than slowly building up. I think it's because I cease increasing the stress in terms of mileage immediately and it allows the body time to adjust and adapt to the new requirements. I once did a long, long buildup to 100 miles a couple of years ago and it did me in. This last time, a quick jump, super duper fatigue, and then, like leaving a cloud, I was good to go once I got over the initial fatigue.

I expect something similar with this new program. I started the doubles even during the two week prep period because I want to be in a daily rhythm of nightly 30 minute recovery runs once I'm back to doing the standard 102 mile weekly morning rotation. It's just a little hard to call these runs 'recovery' just now because A) I run them too quickly due to fresh legs and B) they are currently a high % of the weekly mileage - not exactly the definition of recovery workouts. But this will change soon enough.

Today: 7.7 miles AM 1:01:22 HR 145
3.7 miles PM 30:37 HR 144


Blogger Mike said...

You are a changed man. Daily doubles and looking forward to 102 miles per week. I'm trying to remember back to when I first started reading your blog. I don't remember quite this much activity. I'm looking forward to the long, steady build.

10/19/2006 10:21 PM  
Blogger Jamie said...

Easing up on the throttle is definitely tough. I'm going through a bit of that myself. Keep on, keepin' on.

10/20/2006 6:24 PM  

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