Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Taper Run Two

The run was as boring as the title to this post.

7.5 miles in 1:03:11 HR 133.

Guiltily sleeping in, running 50% of the distance, not breaking a sweat.

Well, I broke a sweat. But it's odd to be running and be done in such short order. Here's hoping that while I accumulate rest and recovery the body is readying the cumulative effect of running all those miles the past few weeks.

Fog this morning. Couldn't see a thing.


Blogger Love2Run said...

I couldn't see a thing biking into work this morning and then couldn't see a think in the pouring rain during the run at lunch!

Glad to hear that the kids are better!

9/20/2006 7:08 PM  

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