Thursday, September 07, 2006

Let The Good Times Roll

Today's plan called for 12 miles at a high aerobic pace. After shuffling through the first mile in 8:23, the old legs responded and we were off with healthy gallop off the island and out the highway. I decided on an out and back course today to minimize the hills and certainly do away with the short steep hills that charactize the town. Instead, I wanted easy rises, easy downs, and mostly flat. This meant only one course was available: Route 190 out of town.

Route 190 heads out of town and in just over 7 miles reaches U.S. Route 1. The Charles Davis Memorial 7 mile race is run from this corner into Eastport and therefore, the miles are marked on the pavement. So decided I would run out to the 1 mile marker (which is 6 miles out of town) and come on back. Always a little nervous when I do these types of out and back's because if trouble happens, it's a long way home.

Going out, the first two miles are part of my everyday courses. Then the pavement gets a lot better with a breakdown lane instead of a ditch and the road has less variations. Mile 3 is located at the top of a hill and then its down to sea level (literally - it's a causeway) to mile 5. Then an up and down to 6 and turn.

I carried a small 6 oz. bottle of water in my right hand this trip. This little bottle is molded to fit the hand pretty well so it's not overly bothersome. I found it was just enough to get me through. Though on my easy days, I like to drink a lot more. The pace going out quickened to a steady effort with the heart rate in the 150's and the average pace down to 6:54 by the turn. I was quite pleased by this point as I was feeling like the legs were turning over pretty easily and I wasn't tiring. As I turned around for the trip in, I felt motivated to up the tempo and cruised through mile 7 in 6:11. Onto the straight causeways and mile 8 went by in 6:04. A 6:30 took me to mile 9 (top of the hill) and I ran down the other side in 6:02 for mile 10. By mile 11 I had covered the last 5 miles within a few seconds of the International 5 Mile Race 4 weeks ago with a heart rate hovering around 168. At the race my heart rate was 178.

I finished hard to average a 6:15 pace for the trip back in and felt great. I was thinking however, how tomorrow's "recovery 18" is going feel real good!

12.25 miles in 1:20:37 (6:35 average pace 160 HR)


Blogger Mike said...

Holy progression run Batman! Good to see the legs turning over so well on these runs. Marathon pace is going to feel much easier this time around.

9/07/2006 2:08 PM  

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