Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Morning Drag

That's all you can call this morning's 12 miler. That's the trouble with the schedule being fiddled with. I was unable to get out yesterday until the early evening, finishing around 8pm. That means this morning's run at 5am was only 9 hours after my last run.

Knowing this, I planned on dialing down the effort to full recovery mode a was literally shuffling down the street on the take off. I don't know if I broke 9 mins/mile on this run, but if I did it wasn't for long. So the run dragged on for ever and I couldn't wait to be done. It took almost as long to do 12 miles this morning as it did 15 last night.

The sun rose while I was out there somewhere and I was reminded that the sun set on my run last night. But I am glad to be back in the morning routine again. It assures that the run will be completed. I got hiccups out there today. That was annoying.

12.2 miles 1:50:36 HR 128. Very slow.


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