Monday, September 04, 2006

Ernesto Joins Me for 15

Yes, Ernesto finally made his way in remnant form up to Downeast Maine. And he joined me for 15 miles of a sloshy, tired run this morning. He also raised the morning temperature by 12 degrees and brought a southerly wind. Combined with the saturated air, Ernesto made today's run a real chore.

I've been spoiled by cool mornings lately with temperatures around 48F. So this morning's 60F felt warm so I decided to forego the gortex and just get wet instead of hot. It wasn't raining hard per se, it's just the air was nothing but suspended water droplets being blown to and fro by a steady wind. Therefore, every breath, step, and blink made contact with water. I swear I was leaving a wake behind me in the air.

At 4 miles Eric merged his course with mine. He was at mile 9 of 10 so we ran his last mile together. As I passed my house I stopped in to change my saturated shirt and I broke down and put on the gortex. I was starting to get chafed from all the water. Loop 2 of 3 went a little faster but not by much. This was starting to drag. Luckily, I've been doing this enough that at mile 10 I was not really tempted to stop and end the run. I know the benefits of keeping to task so I launched into the last orbit without hesitation.

I ended up getting pretty hot in the rain jacket. I may have been kept from the rain, but I was soaked through in sweat. This loop was even quicker but again, not by much. By the time I was done, I was a drowned rat. A hot shower followed the run immediately.

Legs were fine, lungs were fine. A little tired as expected. 15.1 miles in 2:09:17 (8:34 pace) HR 141. Lap pace splits: 8:58 / 8:32 / 8:10.


Blogger Love2Run said...

Who the heck is this Ernesto guy? How come I haven't met him before? Glad to hear you survived it ok.

9/04/2006 8:29 PM  

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