Monday, May 30, 2005

The Ache That Wouldn't Go Away

That leg seizure I mentioned in my last post has put me out of action. I took Sunday off to rest up and tried again Monday (last week). No go. In the pouring rain, by 2.5 miles I had to stop and stretch out the leg. It's the kind of pain that I can't run through. It only hurts when I run but not when I walk. I suspect the origin of the pain comes from the pain in my left foot. I must have been favoring it somehow and now the disabling pain is in the lower quad. This reminds me of last December when I ran two 80 mile weeks in a row then had to deal with a quad and calf injury for the next two weeks. This is very similar. At least I'm on familiar ground.

So for Monday I got in 4.4 miles in 37:28. This was an aborted 10.4 mile workout due to the leg.
Tuesday I rested and the same on Wednesday. Thursday I tested the water with 5.2 miles in 46:05 w/Eric. It was apparent that it is going to be a long slow build back. I could feel the muscle tighten near the end of the run. Weather was rain and wind. Friday, I tempted fate with a 7.2 mile run on the Sipayik Trail in 1:03:48. I was pleased that the leg didn't get tight until the end again. However, trouble again on Saturday as I had to beg off the scheduled 10.8 mile run at the 3.6 mile point. The leg was acting up. It was a very nice morning out on the Sipayik Trail and while Eric finished out the 10 miles I walked along the trail enjoying the birds and the view of Passamaquoddy Bay. Sunday I took off again. Total mileage for the week was 19.4 miles. Very disappointing.

This week, I am going to try to do 5.2 miles each morning to see if the leg will hold up. Just to stretch the elastic to its limit, I will also see if I can fit in some short lunch time runs as well. This morning, I got in 5.2 miles in 44:35 and felt good. Eric & I got so engrossed in a conversation that the 5.2 miles disappeared before we knew it (and before my leg knew it). So this morning I am pleased with my prospects. However, I will cancel my participation in this coming Sunday's Cobscook Bay 10k race in Pembroke, ME. It is a beautiful race along the Cobscook Bay and ends at Reversing Falls Park. I can't take the chance of aggrevating the injury since my real goal is to successfully manage the high mileage of my marathon training program. Secondary to this is the entry into the summer races.

Weather wise, this was the select week to reduce my mileage. It has rain almost non-stop for a week (if not more). I can't recall the last time I saw a clear sky. As I type, the rain is coming straight down out of the fog. I believe they will hold Memorial Day services inside this year.

Congratulations to local runners Stephanie Allard and Brian Schuth. They ran the Vermont City Marathon yesterday. Stephanie finished 6th in her division in 3:29:22 (gun time) and 279th overall. Her goal was sub 3:30 and she hit the number dead on.


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