Sunday, May 22, 2005

Hey! Where'd the pain go? Oh, there it is...

Friday was an amazing day. I awoke to no pain. The legs weren't sore, I wasn't limping around from sore feet or painful groin muscles. The calf muscles weren't tight and I felt great. What a complete change from the previous four days! I picked up Eric at 5am and we headed out to the airport for a fast 10.5 at 3/4 effort or 6:28 pace. Not only did I have no pain, it turned out that wherever the pain went, it must have taken my speed with it. Top end was 6:45 per mile and at 5.25 miles I was ready to call it a day. But I hung on and finished out the 10.5 averaging 6:45 per mile in 1:10:36. All the miles have put a crimp in how fast I can go just now. At the end of the run I sat down in the middle of the runway and did some stretching. This felt very good. The sun was out, the air was cool, the tide coming in, birds chirping, slight wind and deer wandering about the adjacent fields. Very nice. Even my supplemental 6 miles at lunch felt good. Lately, these supplemental miles have been the pits. Just a bear to get through. Not Friday, I felt great! I emailed Marc and told him of the breakthrough. I suggested that I felt like I may be in the eye of storm. And was I right!

Saturday came and my plan for 22 miles was thwarted by mile 6.7! My left leg seized up with pain that I couldn't run through! Man did that hurt. I don't know what caused it but the outside of my left leg rebelled from the abuse. Definitely a sign for a day off. So here I sit Sunday morning tapping on the blog instead of running a fun 15 miler. Just as well. The weather is nasty this morning. High winds with gusts to 60 mph and horizontal rain. I took some ibuprofen when I came in from yesterday's run and the leg hasn't hurt to walk on or exhibited any other "lasting" pain. It will be interesting to see how it takes tomorrow's 10 miler at 7:11's.

So to recap the week: SORE! Here's the day to day:

Monday: 10.4 mile in 1:13:00 or 7:02 per mile. Wx foggy and cool. Left foot sore.
Monday: 6 miles supplemental w/Eric in 53:10 or 8:52 per mile.
Monday: 6 miles supplemental @ lunch in 48:47 (8:08/mile). New shoes & sore all over.
Tuesday: 15.2 miles in 2:05:52 (8:17/mile). Tough run. Right & left feet hurt horribly. Fatigue.
Wed: 12 miles in 1:31:20 (7:37/mile). Sore. Couldn't do 7:11's. Had to give legs a break.
Wed: 6 supplemental 49:31 (8:16/mile). Sore & left foot hurting.
Thu: 18.6 2:28:23 (7:59/mile). Felt ok.
Thu: 6 supplemental 50:11 (8:22/mile) Groin sore! Tough run.
Friday: 10.5 1:10:36 (6:44/mile). Felt good, no pain. Couldn't go faster though.
Friday: 6 supplemental 49:38 (8:17/mile). Felt better than yesterday.
Sat: 6.7 miles 54:36 (8:10/mile) Left leg rebelled. Long run aborted. Horrible pain.
Sun: 0 miles. Rest day due to Saturday disaster. Feeling ok, no pain.

Total: 103.4 (Avg pace 7:53 / mile)

On to next week. I am going to hold off instituting the "strong 10k & 5k's" called for in the Lydiard plan until I can handle the mileage better. Good running to all.


Anonymous Mark said...

Even with the aches and pain you are still getting great mileage. Have you though about seeing a physical therapist to do a check for muscle imbalances and flexibility. I did a check last year and it helped with the minor aches and pains.

5/27/2005 5:59 PM  
Blogger Andrew said...

Hi Mark, thanks for the suggestion. I haven't thought of that. I'll keep this in mind if the pain continues. -Andy

5/31/2005 1:43 PM  

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