Friday, May 13, 2005

Tightness in Calf (first sign of high mileage)

The first true sign of the high miles showed up today with a tight calf muscle. Came on at the end of a "ramble" about Eastport with Eric this morning. Loosened a little by the end of my lunchtime 6 with Marc but now I have need of ice tonight. We will see how this effects the training. I expect similar ailments to crop up and it's always nice to have the first one over with (to rid the sense of pending doom). Another sore area is the groin muscle. Not affecting my running (yet) but any sharp turn or quick movement is against the rules now. Let's hope the body will adapt in fine style.

This morning was a fun run around Eastport on a non-measured course. I nickname this course the "paper route" as it reminds of my days as a paperboy running up and down every street in Eastport getting the paper to all my customers. The route basically goes up and down every street thus creating a zig-zag from South to North. When we reached the North End we ran out to the airport, crossed it, then ran the trail up to the end of Shackford Head which affords beautiful views of Cobscook Bay. After a short break at the top to admire the view, we headed home arriving in 1:38:+-. Sometimes it's fun to run on time only. Being conservative and estimating 9 minute miles we ran 10+. I had the count-down timer on the watch set for every 18 minutes so we would get our fluids at approximately every 2 miles.

Lunch run with Marc was fun. 6 miles in 48:41 on the River Trail. The trail is 1.5 miles long so we end up doing an up & back twice. We agreed to run our final farewell in the Moosehorn Sunday morning. This run shows just how addicted to running Marc is, since he will be driving 14 hours to Geneva, NY to begin his new life right after our run. And fittingly, I think it will rain.

I think my leg is frozen, so I'll stop now. Good running to all.


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