Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dog Food, Cat Food

Mike gave us animal treats after today's long run and boy were they tasty!

Dog Food is the name of a kind of cookie Jo cooked up to please her man and he was nice enough to share them with Jon and I at the end of today's long run. Our run was split into three parts with the only common part amongst us being the 13 mile loop around Boyden Lake. I started early and met them after having completed 7 miles and Jon kept going after we finished the loop. Mike, being on taper for Boston, was only scheduled for 13 today.

The Cat Food came into play when Mike surprised us with special cans of sardines. He knows I have a can a day habit and he brought some 'shorties' over special. They went great with my poached eggs and oatmeal when I got home!

I felt relatively good this morning with some slight soreness around the hips as I neared the end of my run. And I needed a nap not long afterward. Other than that, not worse for wear. We did get a glimpse of Ozzie too as he zipped past us going in the opposite direction. We tried to engage him in lazy conversation but he was too focused to be drawn in.

20.5 miles @ 9:03 pace.


Blogger Jamie said...

Strangely, after reading that I am now craving sardines.

Nice job on the run.

4/13/2008 6:17 PM  

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