Saturday, April 05, 2008

Afternoon delight

Yesterday was such a hard day. 3:15 was the wake up time and I'll rolled onto the road at 3:45 for 18 miles. The first 6 were done at a crawl. After a short pit stop at the house I was off for the final 12. Didn't feel badly until the final miles when I started to get a little sore in feet. Average pace was 9:12 including the stop.

Then the day went downhill. I was scheduled to close a loan in Bangor at 4pm but FedEx doesn't do mornings up here at the most northeastern corner of America. So... in saunters the delivery guy at 4 o'clock. Now to drive to Bangor in a snow/rain storm for a 7pm closing. Then drive home (3 hours from Bangor).

I got in at 11:15pm and I was beat. So this morning I slept in and then took another nap at noon. I didn't get out until 3:30 this afternoon for my 10 miler. After 9:43 first mile (I like to really ease into a run) my average pace was just under 8:00 for the distance. Felt pretty good and relaxed - especially on the 2nd half.

Tomorrow it's back to mornings as I meet up with the gang for the weekly long run.

I'm looking forward to being in Boston for the Women's Olympic Trials marathon. I hope the finish is just as noisy as it was in New York as evidenced by this video:


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