Sunday, July 15, 2007

Zany Zones Belay Blind Moose Madness at Boyden

From the start we knew this run was going to be different.

Where was the cunning creep of pace inflation? The hills from hell? The sleight of foot and the accidental split? -- GONE.

Have a heart. I mean a heart rate. The Sunday long run just got longer.

Imagine practicing patience for 21 miles. Slowing instead of accelerating. Keeping everything in check. Talking up the hills. Yes, that's what a heart rate run will do. Mike was loving it. He called it:

"A civilized run."

"A run to make Marc proud."

My program say I'm allowed as many miles as I want as long as I run them between 130 - 140 HR. Since I run the plan's "long run" on Thursdays, the Sunday run actually qualifies as additional mileage. After yesterday's good up-tempo, I had to be sure that I ran at the correct effort. This meant controlling the drift so my run didn't turn into a back to back hard effort.

This worked out for Mike too. His plan called for 20+ miles at a low HR under 130 with allowance to 135. That matched my zone as well accounting for our different heart rates. So for the whole run we easily padded along keeping things under control.

But I admit, over the last 5 - 6 miles, I wish I could have let that HR go and get the old tired body back to the car. This feeling was even more acute on the final 2.25 mile stretch. The HR was now at the tip top of my range running a pace similar to the bottom of the range in the early miles. This made the run seem longer since we used to let the heart rate climb up pretty high into those final miles as we picked up the pace and pushed the final hills.

But the run is finished and I'm glad we stuck to the plan. I recovered fairly quickly and feel confident about running my next up-tempo on Tuesday with no lingering effect from today. It was an odd scene to see the two of us running stride for stride and both of us glance at the watch and slow down!

A new form of crazy.

21 miles @ 8:17 pace. 137 HR.


Blogger Love2Run said...

lol, you're certifiable crazy! Marc will be proud of us for sure. Nice run but I'm not recovering as well as you. Need more rest, more beer and more ice-cream!

7/15/2007 6:59 PM  
Blogger Thomas said...

What, no 7:20 splits over the last 3 miles? This was definitely different! Did you put something into Mike's water to make him slow down, or what?

7/16/2007 4:24 AM  
Blogger Chris Field said...

Way to be patient. That will definitely pay off with your tempo runs to come.

What training plan are you currently following?

Happy running!

7/16/2007 10:29 PM  

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