Thursday, June 28, 2007

End of Week 3

Level 2 up'd the time 45 minutes and dropped the target HR. It went very well with no complaints. I am spending a lot more time running below 140 HR.

F 8.79 miles @ 8:32 pace - 136 HR
S 8.16 miles @ 7:21 pace - 149 HR
Su 7.68 miles @ 7:49 pace - 139 HR
M 9.44 miles @ 7:56 pace - 139 HR
T 10.9 miles @ 6:53 pace - 149 HR
W 7.71 miles @ 7:47 pace - 137 HR
Th 11.18 miles @ 8:03 pace - 139 HR

Total: 63.86 miles @ avg 7:45 pace. Avg HR 141.

I wasn't pleased with today's run as I was hoping to cruise along a little faster. I particularly started off at a low heart rate but the drift came after 5 miles. What happens is the heart rate takes longer and longer to recover from the short steep hills. I didn't have much sleep last night so that's probably the reason.

I was pleased with Tuesday's run. The heart rate stayed right in the zone for most of the run without the pace slacking too badly. I did run 6 miles of this run on the flat airport. It's my first sub 7:00 run since I started this program. Hopefully that continues.

With the race on Sunday (7 miler) I will continue with level 2 for one more week even though I think I don't need to spend any time here. I feel good and my frequent massage therapy (had another session this evening) is really helping me stay on the road. But with the race this week, I'll be avoiding the 150HR runs - replacing them with 140HR workouts. This way I am hoping to be able to "train" right through the race. Sunday will be my only up-tempo day.

My plan will be to run very aggressively in the beginning where the course is flat until mile 4. Looking for a nice fat positive split. ha ha!


Blogger Jamie said...

Nice job on the week. I'm jealous of the low HRs at those paces. Best of luck this Sunday. Looking forward to the race report. I'm sure you're going to rock it.

6/28/2007 9:42 PM  
Blogger Marc said...

Andrew - Go for the Gold on Sunday! I wish I could be there, but alas, I cannot.

6/29/2007 10:37 AM  
Blogger Love2Run said...

Your training is looking good and I like your plan for Sunday. Wish I could be there but can't be in 2 places at once as I'm doing the Canada Day 1/2 marathon. How come they don't do this race on your holiday?

6/29/2007 6:25 PM  

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