Saturday, July 07, 2007

Level 3 - I'll be here awhile

Only day 2 into level 3 and I know it will be awhile before I move. Today I was supposed to run 90 minutes w/70 @ 150 HR. Unfortunately, I chose to run my standard hilly circuit route (short, abrupt hills). This ground me into hamburger so by the end of the run, even averaging in the 10 minutes of slow running on either side of the core 70, I averaged an HR of 149.

At a 7:23 pace.

I run this route everyday so I didn't think much about running it at a faster tempo. At 140 HR, the heart rate rises on the up's and falls on the down's and it all averages out. But not today. Today, she soared on the up's and barely had time to drop before I was climbing another hill. There's the rub... no time for the heart rate to fall! So my average HR was too high for this workout and it turned into a bust.

A good lesson though. The MDI marathon is very hilly and not too different from this route. So eventually I am going to need to be able to keep a steadier HR up and down this course. But right now, it makes me work too hard and I'm not doing the workout I intended.

12.18 miles today - 90 minutes. 149 HR. 7:23 pace.

Yesterday: 7.61 miles - 60 minutes. 136 HR. 7:53 pace.


Blogger Jamie said...

Sound logic. Never gave the concept much thought, and now I'm curious since the vast majority of my running is also on very hilly routes.

7/07/2007 9:35 AM  

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