Thursday, June 14, 2007

Week 1 Complete

I finished week 1 today. I know, an odd day to end but I finally decided on a plan last Friday. So there you are.

Here is how the week went:

Day__ Miles___ Time__ HR___ Pace

F____7.08___ 60min__ 139__ ~8:30
Sa___ 9.75___ 75_____ 153__ ~7:40
Su ___ 5_____ 45_____ 138__ ~9:00
M___7.48____ 60____ 141___ ~8:00
Tu __ 10.58___ 75____ 150 ___ ~7:06
W ___ 5.87___ 45____ 141___ ~7:40
Th__ 12.14___ 90____ 145 ___ ~7:25

Total miles: 57.9. Avg HR 144. Avg Pace ~7:45.

I had no problem getting up and doing the next day's workout. A good sign and an indication the level of intensity (time/miles/pace) was low enough for this early in the season. The legs built some fatigue by the end of the week. This tells me that I'm not ready to increase. I will repeat the rotation again.

Massage scheduled for Tuesday to rub out the soreness. 


Blogger Mike said...

Nice looking week. I think one or two more like this will have you really feeling strong and ready to bump up a bit. I imagine the paces per heartrate will get faster too. I like seeing the consistency.

6/14/2007 10:58 PM  

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