Saturday, March 03, 2007

Back to square one

A long time has past since I peaked in January. I remember feeling the same way that I normally feel after a marathon after a particularly good workout. (The same week my Parrott predictor fell to 2:45). I thought February would be kinder. I was hoping for fresh legs and less weight going into March. Well, I have the fresh legs alright, but the weight is still on. Will need to work on this - which isn't easy.

Plan is to work on base building through the end of June. Got home this evening from a business meeting and ran 10.66 here in town @ 8:41 pace. Legs creaky. Restarting is always the hardest. So expect some dull drivel.

An aside: I stayed at the Munroe Inn the last couple of days in Auburn, ME. Very nice place. A snow storm march through the town overnight and while they fed me breakfast, the owner of the Inn went out and brushed off the car, warmed it up, and had it turned around and ready to go so I could get to work. Talk about service!


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