Thursday, January 27, 2005

So far so good

So after my good long think and a blogged resolution, today I logged 20 miles. Done in three sessions: an early AM 6.7 miles with a 7 minute break at the house followed by 8. 7 miles. Then a lunchtime run with Marc for 4.8 miles. Feels really good (now that I'm sitting here relaxing).

Both running partners (Eric & Marc) gave me some good encouragement today and it was great to have the friendship and comraderie of running to help me through the mid winter blues. Eric & I will be off for some hill work tomorrow morning at 5am.

This morning's run was brutally cold. A standing temp of negative 11F with a wind chill of minus 23F. Wind out of the north which makes one particular mile of my course just a chore. Thus the need for the 7 minute break at 6.7 miles. The 2nd outing however was faster (per mile) than the first. No doubt because the engine was warm and I was feeling good about being out there. The 1st lap is tough. As it end nears the house, the mental battle begins on whether to be normal and get out of the cold or carry on to put the miles in the log. Today I needed the miles in the log.

Today I decided to look at my log to see what the disjointedness of my recent runs had done to my weekly mileage. Good news. It didn't do any lasting damage. After the injury week 1 of this year, the following 2 cold weeks produced 47 miles and 40 miles respectively. So far this week I am at 25. Add Sunday's long run and tomorrow's workout, I should hit 50 anyway. Respectable distances for a tough time of year. I am resolved however, to bring the mileage back up. Gotta squeeze out that last ounce of aerobic conditioning. It would please me very much to be in the 20's come April and still humming strong. At least I can dream.

Tomorrow for the hill work, I plan on keeping the car at the base and keeping it running. Figured we can recover in the warmth of the car. Standing around in the cold is no fun. Sunday is calling for 30 degrees. I can't wait!


Blogger Sean said...

Do you have a 'winter' pair of shoes that you can wear extra socks under? ie a larger pair.

My toes are the only part of me that I can not keep warm.

2/06/2005 11:48 PM  
Blogger Scooter said...

I heard a rumor that Andrew had frozen in place and will not be at his computer until spring thaw.

2/11/2005 11:47 AM  

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