Wednesday, May 06, 2009


The air was full of water this morning.  At 41 degrees with a cold easterly breeze, I opted for mittens on the 1st half of the two hour workout.  I warmed enough to discard them for the 2nd half.  At first I thought I might avoid getting overly wet because it wasn’t technically raining.  But it wasn’t long before I realized the air was wet and I was soaked through by the time I hit 3.5 miles.


The breeze turned into wind when I made the turn back into town.  I chose the highway this morning in order to run on a smooth surface – so the workout was two out and backs.  I felt pretty good today.  At 30:15 I hit 3.5 and made the turn for the first hour.  The pace going back increased despite the wind and I was back at the house in 28:15 for an average 8:22 pace for 7 miles.  The 2nd hour was at a quicker tempo and I got in another 8.5 before my time ran out.  Average pace of 7:15 for that half.  Total = 15.5 @ 7:45.


Looking forward to an easy 60 minutes tomorrow w/Eric.


Blogger djgray1200 said...

I've been checking out your blog for a little while now. Isn't Maine a great place to be as a runner? Took a 7 miler myself in this cool, dreary weather this morning. Enjoy the prime running weather now, it won't last long.

5/06/2009 12:32 PM  

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