Tuesday, May 05, 2009

90 mins Shackford / Airport

Left quad slightly sore this morning.  I stretched it out a little and did a few very short striders.  It didn’t get worse or bother me during the 90 minute run this morning but I know it’s there.


Weather was cool again this morning.  Opted for mittens.  Red sky greeted the early miles along with a northeast wind.  Wonder if this bodes ill for weather later on today or tomorrow.


I got in an early 30 minutes before meeting up with sleepy head Eric.  Something is keeping him up late.  But he rolled out of bed and was only six minutes late which was ok as I spent the time getting some extra stretching in.


We ran up Shackford Head as a change and then onto the airport.  I know things are going well in the training as the time just seems to be flying by.  I looked at the watch and was surprised to see the run almost over.  That’s better than the opposite.


Mileage continues to climb at a decent rate that appears to be sustainable based on how I’m feeling.  The speed and hill work from a few weeks ago is now out of the muscles, thank goodness.  I was premature in those workouts as they sapped me of any energy to run the days in between.  The changeover to unstructured running has been a godsend in terms of consistency.  I find myself eager and anxious for the next day’s workout.  This is how it should be – at least now.


With the earlier light and warmer temperatures, things seem to be falling into place for a long sustained training cycle.  Here’s hoping.


Anonymous Charlotte said...

Sorry Eric was late - I'll talk to him about that :)

5/05/2009 2:14 PM  

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