Saturday, June 07, 2008

Sometimes we forget the r and r

Dinner theater at my house tonight as my 7 year old daughter decided to entertain me with a puppet show as I enjoyed my ice cream. The Program:

Two People Who Were Not Fiends Become Fiends


Queen - Miss Hearts
Policeman - Himself
Lizard - Sparkles
Rabbit - Snow
Bulldog - Spike

The title set the tone and I roared with laughter from start to finish. One hilarious scene was in Act 1 when the Queen goofed her line and unaccountably smacked the puppet master in the side of the head knocking herself over. (I later found out that this was not part of the play. Margaret had forgotten there was a plastic puppet attached to her hand when she slapped her head. Still, it was pretty funny.)

But I'm glad to report, in spite of the title, the play ended happily.


No run for me today since I was up and out early to drive my Dad to Bangor.


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