Monday, September 19, 2005

A Nice Day for a Swim (or not)

Today as I ran along the river trail in Calais, I kept scanning for dead bodies. It seems I missed out on spotting a corpse the other day as it was scooped up by some Canadians before I could get there. Poor soul wasn't allowed across the bridge into Canada earlier in the week so he decided to sneak across the border via a nice cold swim. Who would of thought that Canada no longer welcomes convicted felons?

Unlike this weekend where I let my schedule and the weather interrupt my plans for a long run (no will power these days it seems) I got in two nice 6 mile runs today. The first with Eric around Eastport and the 2nd in Calais on the River Trail. I was wondering if I was going to be able to put in the 2nd workout today because as my running time arrived (11am) I was deep into a meeting that didn't get out until 12:15. This threw my schedule out of whack as I had back to back appointments soon after. The good news was I snuck out at 2:30 and put in the run. It was a little warm but I mitigated that by bringing along some water this time.

Tomorrow I'll try some more poor man 800's on a dark & dreary fogged shrouded skunk-infested stretch of pavement 5am. You can tell I'm excited about this.


Blogger Marc said...

Good ol' Darwin at work - it's not only the convicted felons that the Canadians want to keep out, but also those of lesser mind. Unfortunately our friend from TN has already reproduced, thwarting Darwin, perhaps, but not the Canadians.

9/19/2005 9:58 PM  

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