Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Rainy Days & Injuries (always get me down)

Like a string of rainy Mondays, the New Year brought in the bleak prospect of run-less days as the calf injury (courtesy of an earlier quad injury) would not go away. As one can tell by a short analysis of the frequency of my posts, nothing stops me from blogging like a good injury. Good news, this morning's 9.5 miler with Eric was pain free. For the past two weeks I have been struggling with the on again, off again training schedule that comes from a pesky tight calf. Took two days off this week after cutting short the long run (again) at 10 miles. This morning, like a breath of fresh air I was comfortably running. I'll keep the miles down this week and focus on re-entering the intense training next week leg permitting.

Here's to a New Year of good jogs & blogs.


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