Tuesday, October 26, 2004

It is so nice to Run!

Finally, back in the sneakers again for an easy 3+ with Marc. Time of 25:05. We ran our old standby: the river trail. The course is flat as a railroad bed (since it used to be one) and is about 1.5 miles long end to end. We add a little extra near Barker Street for "padding" as just to be sure the mileage is logged. I think our times bear out the truth of the 1.5 mile posting as we always run slower on this course than any other.

It felt GREAT to be back running. It took a lot of discipline to stay out of action for the entire week. Easy at first since I was so sore but near the end of the week I was dying to get out there. Now I just need to take it easy with 3 miles per day as a limit. This is because the plan says I am still in recovery mode (week #2). I should run a total of 15 miles this week and then bump the mileage back up to 50 starting the week beginning 11/1. I am trying to be committed to my new plan as it schedules much rest and hard work. In pursuing my goals, I need to be certain rest is given in healthy doses. I think about this way: if I had a coach, he would...

Just a quick aside here, there appears to be a small plane trying to land at our little airport and having a wee bit of difficulty. This is his second pass (the flightpath for landing goes over my house). His engine sounds really rough... thug thug thug thug like its burning rich. I can still hear it... At least he was going in alot lower this time. The first time he passed (the engine noise caught my attention) he looked a little high. You know, I think I hear him again, I am going outside... Ok, all is well. Turns out the "thug, thug, thug" was the sound a helicopter makes - ha ha. He made yet another pass and looks like #4's a charm. I don't what he was doing but he sure was taking his time about setting the thing down...

Ok back to the coach: he would definitely have me resting on a scheduled basis rather than allowing rest breaks to be such a haphazard occurrence as they have been in the past. I have an excel chart that shows this but I need to figure out how to post it on my blog. Tomorrow will be a 3 miler in the afternoon, same for Thursday. Friday is a day of rest, Saturday and Sunday will finish out the week with easy 3 milers.

My legs feel good but a little sore here & there. I'm betting the 2nd week of recovery training is the most appropriate. 27 weeks until Boston (but no acceptance email yet).


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