Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Running w/Friends

Today I had the pleasure of running part of my morning run with Eric and my afternoon run with Marc. This morning's run was my two hour jaunt around Eastport. Total mileage was ~15.7 with the last 5.7 in the company of Eric. I spied him up ahead just after passing mile 10. His usual morning run is ~10 miles but he starts a little later than I do normally. This makes a meet hit or miss. Also, I believe he runs more often than I do as I see him out on my rest days. Anyway, great to have a friend to run with that early in the morning. Felt good the entire way except for a 6 mile case of the hiccups. Running with hiccups was a new experience. I think I spooked several deer because of this and they almost ran me down. I started composing a new song for my kids: "Daddy got run over by a Maine deer". The sun didn't rise until mile 15 so it was a dark jog.

This evening I hooked up with Marc for a 40 minute run around the streets of Calais. We are foregoing the normal river trail due to the lack of lights. Marc doesn't think the track in Canada has lights so that's out too. So, taking advantage of the streetlights on side streets, we weaved among the neighborhoods with our reflective vests and lone headlamp (I forgot mine). Marc filled me in on his amazing runs in the old world. Ran in Hyde Park, past Buckingham Palace, almost got hit by a bus, and now his kids are addicted to scones. All in all, a good time was reported. Only one mishap to mention: it appears when Marc was sent out to hunt for food for his starving family one night, he got sidetracked by a computer device capable of emailing. Much time was spent it appears in emailing his running buddy back in the states. When confronted with his tardy return by the ravenous family, Marc accidentally told the truth and confessed to being sidetracked by modern communications equipment available in the lobby. Wouldn't you know, she brought the doghouse with her and Marc was in. Poor guy. This also explains the single email for the duration but he did sneak off a postcard to say running was going well.

Tomorrow's schedule calls for an easy afternoon run with no morning slog. Slog being the operative word for tomorrow as the weather is supposed to be nasty. Rain, snow, wind. I believe they have canceled sunrise too.


Blogger Oliver said...

What a nice place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12/03/2004 4:06 PM  
Blogger Andrew said...

Thanks! Eastport is the most Eastern city in the United States. In the photo (looking north)the land to the East is the Canadian maritimes and the land to the Northwest is the United States. The water extending north turns into the St. Croix River that is the international (and timezone) border.

12/05/2004 7:38 PM  

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