Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Let's Look Back to 2004

2004 began with 2 marathons completed (Houston & MDI). This year would bring two more marathons (Nova Scotia & MDI). Finishing with a Boston qualifying time in MDI last October put a nice finish to the '04 marathon season. However, I would still rate 2004 as a tough year for running. The entire 1st half was low on miles and motivation. Not quite sure of the cause, but I am glad it is finished. Here's a quick recap of the monthly mileage totals:

Jan 22
Feb 99
Mar 105
Apr 63
May 51
Jun 125
Jul 219
Aug 236
Sep 197
Oct 71 (includes 2 week taper and two weeks rest after marathon)
Nov 184
Dec 280

Yearly total = 1684 with the most mileage in the Jul & Aug buildup for MDI and the current training program ongoing for Boston (Dec). The highest weekly mileage was 85. I ran 7 races:
5k in April 19:16
7 m in July 45:04
26.2 July 3:32:11
5 m in Aug 30:38
5k in Sep 17:54 (a little better from April!)
26.2 Oct 3:05:19
3.5 m in Nov 20:26

My training and therefore my times improved as the year wore on. April's 5k was a wake up call. Even July's 7 miler was a tough run. It wasn't until August's 5 miler I felt like I had some speed back. Peaked at the October marathon (performance - wise). November's 3.5 miler was good but it came on the heels of a significant layoff after the marathon.

The graphs depicting 2004 are sawtoothed with high peaks and deep valleys. I was hoping to avoid the same time of graphical depiction for 2005 but it seems injuries and the need for downtime (due to the heavy training schedule) will still make the graphs look like a mountain range. On the other hand, the reason behind the peaks and valleys is acceptable - unlike 2004 where I just didn't get out there and run.

I have already forgotten who turned me on to the Excel template from the Dead Runner's Society but thanks again! This is a neat program. Anyone wishing to have a copy of this template running log just let me know and I'll email it along.


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