Thursday, October 21, 2004

Recovery Day 4 (Much better)

Thank goodness this sore throat is subsiding. Man, I do not like being sick. Slight lingering but nothing that a little Vicks can't help. Got a much better sleep last night as well.

Would you know it? The legs are feeling great! Amazing difference from just 2 days ago. I was reading others blogs about how recent marathoners were back to running etc. and I just couldn't see the end of my own soreness. Then like it never happened, no pain! Well - almost no pain. Like I was telling Marc today at lunch (we went for pasta down to Bernardini's) now that the quads have stopped screaming, I can hear the knees, feet, and other joints "talking" about their recent ordeal. Both of us talked about how we were "bounding" up & down stairs and how exciting it was! Are we foolish or what? Also, I had to run to post office to catch the mail. No problem. There, life is getting back to normal.

However, in deference to the knees, feet, and other minor complainers, I intend to take the entire week off. The first scheduled run is for Tuesday - a 3 miler on the river trail. I am not certain if I will keep the daily mileage at 3 all next week or if I might increase it gently as the week wears on. Either way, it is a recovery week and that will take any precedence over enthusiasm.

I am excited about getting back into training - especially as I am developing a plan for Boston (no acceptance email yet). The first 6 weeks will be base mileage building. However, as I have a pretty good base now, I am looking forward to getting my miles "up there" without injury. This is like playing a balancing act.

So, with no lingering damage from MDI, the future looks bright. Since I started this blog, I have met some very nice fellow bloggers. I would like to provide a link to their blogs (and I will) but I have to get a little more comfortable with this blogging program so it doesn't take me half the night to do it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since they make you join Blogger to comment and we have our own blogs set up at Complete Running, I will just give you my URL and remain anonomous to

Congrats on your recovery

10/22/2004 9:03 AM  

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