Friday, April 03, 2009

Wed Thurs Fri

Wednesday I ran 3 miles recovery.  I was sore from Tuesday’s slippery hill workout and tired from a stressful day at work but I was glad I got out on for a short 3 mile recovery run to stretch the legs.  It doesn’t sound like much but 3 miles is an improvement from past Wednesdays.


Thursday Eric and I hit the road again with 10 x 440.  I was feeling pretty good and ran the first few harder than usual and started to peter out near the end of the session.


Today I got out for a nice workout.  I did 15 minutes warmup then 45 minutes @ 7:13 pace and a short cooldown.  Total mileage ~ 8 miles.  Felt good during the aerobic portion – the warmup really helped out.  Got some stretching in too.


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