Saturday, May 03, 2008

Recovery run - **Reading Update**

10 easy miles w/Eric @ 9:37 pace. What a joy to run.

Beautiful crisp clear Spring day. The birds sang, the sun shone, and the body recovered from yesterday's tough workout.

**Reading Update**

The Monastery by Sir Walter Scott - I love this author. In his books he transports you back into another time and place. This one was no different. Well done. I have noticed, however, I am again dissatisfied with the ending. Not that it doesn't end well, but after being so deep in the imagination - living with the characters - when the story ends you know that there must be more. What about the baby found alive on the battlefield? Is he the rightful heir to the castle? We can't stop now. It's just like in Ivanhoe when in the end the hero marries the blond. But all along it was the beautiful dark haired Jewess that loved him truly and saved his life (a debt he repaid in the tilting yard - saving her life). Everyone knows he should have married her instead.

Close Combat by W.E.B. Griffin - brain candy. Light stuff. Don't go out of your way for this one.

Wild is the River by Louis Bromfield - Excellent! Top notch story. Another rediscovery of one of my favorite authors. I couldn't put this one down. There's no connection between between the title and the story, just so you know. It's the oddest thing. The story is set in occupied New Orleans during the Civil War. Poor Tom. Engaged to Agnes of Pickney St., Boston but running around with Felice, the Madame of the Cafe Imperial. Uh oh, enter a young Baroness who's in love with Hector but uses Tom toward her own ends - which, of course, results in Tom's demise. Hector meanwhile doesn't love the young baroness and falls for Agnes after she makes her way (incredibly) to New Orleans to marry Tom. Add villainy, kidnapping, riots, beatings, murders, and unbearable humidity and you've got a story that owns you like a hot sleepless night. Highly recommended.

The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge by Jean-Francois Lyotard - A chore. Philosophy. Kept my attention during the first half of the book as he made a case for ideas but it veered off into a critique of contemporary philosophers I have yet to read, so I was lost. Glad that's over.


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