Monday, April 28, 2008


No good race goes unpunished.

12 miles @ 9:52 pace.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andrew, GREAT race this weekend! I think it shows that your training is going the right direction. Just wondering, do you think that 2 hours at 10 min/mile pace is of much benefit to a 35 minute 10k racer? I'm not saying that it is wrong ... just asking.

4/28/2008 6:46 AM  
Blogger Marc said...

Hey Andrew
Fantastic race and report - congrats!
What is a good weekend in May to come down?

4/28/2008 9:08 AM  
Blogger Andrew said...

Anonymous - good question. I suspect there is a benefit. I know that running at or near LT is where the optimal benefits occur, but I am not ready for that type of quality. Instead, I'm walking in through the back door - exhausting the fibers through patient jogging - stimulating them to grow more mitochondria and become more fuel efficient. I'm letting the pace come to me when it can. I have a few good pace days. They're just not as frequent and predictable as they will be later (I presume).

I've tried some optimal work in the past and I've peaked rather quickly. This told me that even quality "base" training is viewed by my body as a peaking phase. I think I've got some more slow work to do before I can crank some mileage at the better paces consistently.

I have read that running slowly does help - particularly when done long. So I'm working this angle for now. Thanks for the comment.

4/28/2008 8:28 PM  

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