Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A rare evening run

All things conspired for an evening run today:

1. After running 15 miles yesterday, I spent the entire day on my feet, on a crooked sidewalk, packed in like a sardine near the finish line of the Boston Marathon
2. I could not / would not leave my spot for fear of losing such a *good* spectator position
3. After 4 hours in this one position, I stood for an additional 45 minutes in another crowded spot looking for Mike.*
4. Then I drove 7 hours home.
5. Arriving way past my bedtime and almost into the next day.

There was no way I could get up and run a workout and function at work. So therefore a nighttime run was at hand.

The run went well. I was sleepy driving home from work but I perked up for the 11 miler on the schedule. Ran a faster 2nd half with an overall average of 7:36 per mile. South wind with some slight rain.

* I'm not going to say that they all look alike, for that's not true. But certainly, put them in a race, and you can bet all Canadians will dress alike. I must have made eye contact with every blessed Canadian running the Boston Marathon except for Mike. There seemed to be an endless parade of maple leaves trotting down Boylston Street. While the clothing matched, the face never did. My guess is he was indulging in his habit of running with (and chatting up) a beautiful woman and I got distracted as they both went by. But I don't know.

And as far as my spectator position goes... I wouldn't do that again. Next time I'll take my chances of seeing what I see. While it was probably the only down point to the day, I'll be less picky next time about being so close to the finish line.


Blogger Jamie said...

I'm sure Mike appreciates you rooting him on (unless the woman looked like Salma Hayek, then he probably could have cared less).

4/23/2008 6:32 AM  
Blogger Love2Run said...

What do you mean we all look the same? I came in right behind the Hoyts at 1:30 and was looking for you but the crowds were 5-6 deep there. I later jumped the fence to take a shortcut. Sorry I missed you and thanks for the cheers.

ps. La Cantina has my new favorite pasta

4/23/2008 7:39 PM  

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