Saturday, March 18, 2006

Running with Marc

Finally got to run with Marc again on Saturday. Can't believe we haven't got a run in together since the Cape Cod Marathon. But such is time. It just slips by as we go our separate ways. The good thing is we keep in touch pretty much daily and this makes our conversation when we meet up the same as if we just met yesterday. Nothing new except the size of our children. Here's a photo of two good friends:

In this photo we were at the Bangor track where we jogged around it for the most part. I was able to squeeze an LT workout in of 4x400 with 400 recovery. Felt great.

This run ended the week with 113.1 miles. The breakdown follows:

Recovery: 40.1 miles (35%)
Aerobic: 54.1 miles (48%)
Long: 17.8 miles (16%)
Tempo: 1.1 miles (1%)

It was a very good week ending on a high note with the run with Marc. Felt good all week without excessive fatigue which I attribute to good sleep and good recovery running.

*Sunday 3/19*

Blogger was giving me trouble yesterday so I'm a day behind on my posting. I'll post about today's long run (it was great) and Mike's new shoes a little later. 23 miles in for the long run and 3 for this afternoon's recovery gives me 26 to start the week. A hot bath to boot and I'm good to go for another fun filled training week.


Blogger Love2Run said...

Nice picture! It looks warmer down in Bang-ger ;-) Amazing miles you're piling up and just rolling along so smoothly. Keep it up.

3/20/2006 8:14 PM  

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