Thursday, March 09, 2006

Train Track Training

In my quest to winkle out the terminus of an inviting gravel road deep within the Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge, I found myself faced with the prospect of running on the rails. Luckily, these tracks are not used and have been cut of brush some time ago; so I was able to amble down them safely but not without some discomfort. Time was my issue today and it left me without satisfactory alternatives. In order to return in due time, I was forced to freight my way back to the car along the old rail bed (complete with rails and ties). By the time I finished, I was blowing like an old diesel carrying its sad load home.

While today's Moosehorn run didn't have quite the same level of uplifting joy produced on Tuesday, I was still satisfied with my environs as I paced pleasantly along new roads taking in the wonderful scenery. I parked in a slightly different spot this time and immediately headed down the Barn Meadow Road to the intersection that I turned around at last time. The plan was to continue down the road to the end (known to be Route 1), come back and try the second road (destination unknown) if there was time.

Well time there was and there was not. By my calculations I had about 6 minutes to spare - which gave me 3 down the road and 3 back. But as curiosity would have it, I spent all six minutes following the secret way with the hope I'd come upon a road/trail/path that apparently (by its direction) led back to the the car. Well I did (in a way). I came upon the railroad tracks that run along the Charlotte Road in places - but here they were nestled out of view in the woods. Out of time for a return trip back the way I came, and knowing trains hardly ever take a round-about way of traveling, I turned west towards my place of beginning and began my pedestrian imitation of the Acela Express.

Tough going from the start. Running on the ties is like an obstacle course and running just to the side of the rails leaves one foot always sliding down the steep bed threatening to take the rest of the body with it. I was pleased I was able to keep the pace up, but the concentration was tiring. When the road and tracks became adjacent, I jumped the tracks and opted for the road. By then I was toast, but only 8 minutes from the car.

Total time: 1:00:23 estimate 7.6 miles.

Traveling backward in time, I have two other workouts completed since my last post. This morning's shake out run was fine. These easy 30 minute runs do the trick. I roll out of bed and onto the road. But with such a short outing, I am not in any danger of running out of fuel which generally is my problem with "roll out runs". 3 miles: 27:18.

Yesterday's main workout was 90 minutes "low aerobic". This workout, in addition to the pleasant morning run, was rather hard. While my heart rate averaged 151, it felt harder and I knew that today's high aerobic workout would be downgraded in intensity. Nevertheless, a fine run except for a foolish notion to wear shorts. The temperatures were near 40 or so but the north wind did a number on me for 1/2 of the run and made it uncomfortable. It convinced me to wait awhile before trying that again. 12.3 miles: 1:30:08.

Training so far this week: 65 miles.


Blogger Love2Run said...

Maine-iac! The 10% rule has no place in your program, does it? And on treacherous train tracks to boot? Be careful out there, save yourself, we have special treats planned for the weekend...

3/09/2006 8:58 PM  
Blogger E-Speed said...

like the way you described the train track run!

3/10/2006 11:09 AM  

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