Sunday, March 12, 2006

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How time flies! I started this post on Sunday but got delayed and before I knew it, eight workouts have elapsed. So here I will start with Sunday and move forward:


"I don't mix workouts." So I said as I excused myself from Jon and Steph's quest for another 3 miles to make it 20. My legs were burning from the long run as Mike made us do 13 of the 18 miles at marathon pace ~ 7:30's. We're all a slave to his plan and he turned our normal 20 mile trot into a pretty brisk long run. The good news is - we were done sooner! The bad news - at the finish of our 17 mile loop plus .8 "cooldown", I knew running another 3 would only invite the possibility of injury. Even though the last 3 would be run at recovery pace, I played it safe and decided that the additional miles after running the last 13 at "high aerobic" wouldn't serve any meaningful purpose for me.

Even with the tired legs and soreness the run brought, it was refreshing to run a good pace for a long tme. We all agreed that we would not be running as briskly if it wasn't for the group. A lonesome Sunday run would involve paces conducive to daydreaming. Today, we might have chatted a lot but attention was paid to keep the pace in line. 17.8 miles in 2:21:28 (7:57 pace).

Sunday night

Did a 6.4 mile recovery run in Eastport to clear the legs. 1:02:12 (9:43)

Monday AM

4 mile recovery run in Eastport. 40:18 (10:04)

Monday PM

9.1 miles low aerobic. Had to run after work and was pressed for time. Ran on the river trail in Calais. Trail a little wet and muddy but not bad. 1:09:21 (7:37)

Tuesday AM

6.4 mile recovery run with 1/2 mile striding near the end. 1:00:23 (9:26)

Tuesday Noon

10.8 mile high aerobic run. 9 miles at MP heart rate. Tough run. Rained all morning but let up for 2/3 of the run. Then the skies opened and drenched me to the bone. Trail was very wet, muddy and full of puddles. Felt very labored by this run. Not very enjoyable. 9 miles in 1:03:11 (7:01 pace). 1.8 miles warmup/cooldown 18:21 (10:12)

Wednesday AM

3 mile recovery run in 26:48 (8:56). Beautiful morning, crisp air, bright sunshine. Top of right foot hurting a little. By the end of the 3 miles I felt fine.

Wednesday Noon

10 mile low aerobic run with another 2 mile warmup/cooldown. total = 12. Felt so much better than yesterday. Ran out the highway instead of the trail to get some long gradual hills and to keep my feet dry. Tail wind outbound, cold headwind inbound. Lost 1:24 coming back plus a few ticks on the HR monitor. However, I felt smooth and relaxed and was pleased to see the heart rate nice and low for the most part. 10 miles 1:12:43 (7:16 pace). 2 miles warmup/cooldown 17:52 (8:56).

Training so far this week: 69.5 miles.

The bad news... after this afternoon's workout, I had a piece of birthday cake at the office for one of the coworkers. Now I feel very ill.

The good news... this Saturday I will have the chance of running with my good friend Marc! He'll be in Bangor and I have to be there as well. We'll get together for a nice run around his old haunts.

And finally, have you ever wondered about those odd group photos that Mike posts to his blog? Here's a little video from one of those Sundays...


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