Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Road (I should not have) Taken

(Apologies to Robert Frost)

Two roads diverged in a snowy town
And sorry that I traveled one
But be one runner I scratched my crown
And looked up one and the other down
To see which path might add some fun

And chose the rutted slippery way
With thoughts of peaceful steps and stride
But soon I found the run betray
Laboring lungs and legs that may
Have brought about this ache inside

On roads unplowed in drifts I strode
Uneven surface became my bane
After one hard hike down an icy road
One leg brought plaint of incommode
And now it rues residual pain

I tell all this with rested sigh
After soak and nap and Biofreeze
Too hard an easy run was my
And next it’ll be on pavement dry
To prevent unwanted injuries.

12.1 miles @ 8:24 pace. 137 HR.


Blogger Thomas said...

Now that was top class!!! Excellent.

1/06/2008 12:52 PM  

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