Sunday, June 22, 2008

Chew Bee or Not Chew Bee?

17 miles
17 bad jokes
Marc you missed it.

The title track is a question for Mike. Only he can explain.

Let's see. Today an easy 2.5 hours around the Boyden Sea*.


Three electrocution photo suggestions for Mike's blog, two moose, and one long story about Canadian check fraud involving a sailboat, Canadian residency law, and a French felon. (Sometimes I wonder if he's listening.)

* Boyden Lake had an identity crisis at mile 15. It had produced its own fog in imitation of the ocean two miles to the east.

What else? Well, there was the slug who slimed my piece of bread but I ate it anyway. Oh, and a long dissertation from Mike about the evils of Leporids. With a keen sense of the calendar, these hungry hoppers know just when to attack in order to disrupt the annual St. Andrews-by-the-Sea garden fete. Here's a photo of some recent garden damage in St. Andrews:

Can the show go on? Can the blue ribbon be won?

Fight on Michael!




Blogger Love2Run said...

No, I didn't chew the bee! Just need to keep my mouth closed when biking around town. But it did take time to 'get' some of those groaners. Come quickly to save me Marc!

ps. and we were almost attacked by 2 blind moose today as well (no kidding)

6/22/2008 7:54 PM  

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