Thursday, December 15, 2005

My Finger Hurts

You know you've gotten into the zone when you've catalogued just about every possible part of the lower body that can suffer from running 100 miles per week. Unfortunately, I don't know the names of all the bands, tendons, muscles, ligaments, and other connective parts so I generally just categorize every new pain by its location. So I suppose it's possible I haven't exhausted the list of available tender spots that are ripe for pulling, cramping, tightening, or generally just upset about being used. A quick list:

Groin... check. Hurt right away, both right and left and at different times. Doesn't like lateral movement while carrying wood for woodstove.

Feet... check. First complainers during build up. Screamed murder, cried a little, whimpered, then finally shut up.

Calves... check. Right one having a blast with me now. Running the show, controlling the pace. Thinks he's special. Left one not so bold but like a better behaved child, lets loose once in awhile just for attention. Skipped the holistic approach and went straight to drugs.

Shins... oops. Looks like I've found a sleeper cell. They'll terrorize me before long. Buggers, I hate them already.

Quads... check. Sore is their middle name. They can't keep up the pain though. A night's sleep and they're good to go.

Knees... check. Left one being Mr. Tender. Have iced the culprit with the frozen pea trick. As I type on the computer at work, a bag of frozen veggies plays nurse to the knee. Works like a charm.

Butt... check. Why does my butt hurt? I guess the hip bone is connected to the leg bone and so on.

Hamstring (area)... check. Long lasting but I outlived it. Obviously an underuse injury.

Finger... check.

Running hurt my finger. Not from the cold, or gloves too tight, or sliding pell mell down an icy hill and diving into the pavement with my fingers outstretched. Nope. My finger hurts because my aerobic system, the capacity that is being developed, the key to future fast times, is being stressed, worked upon, challenged, and basically wrung through the wringer. Last week, I was on the road for 16 hours. This week, it is shaping up into 18 hours of training. This amount of road time has put me into a fog at times. One of those times was this morning as I lost control of a simple sequence of events involving getting into the car, closing the door, and putting on my seatbelt.

After this morning's 12 miler which took an inordinate amount of time (2:04:04) in the cold Downeast morning with a brisk North wind blowing off the frigid Passamaquoddy Bay I failed to recover fully even with a hot shower and bowl of hot oatmeal. So I as I crossed the snow covered yard to my car to drive to work, I wasn't exactly in my most alert state. I slid into the driver's seat and with my left hand gave the door a tug to close it. But for some reason, I didn't wait for the door to close and with the door still in motion I reached back with the same left hand to grab the seat belt. I don't know if I was trying to save milliseconds or what, but the attempt to grab the belt failed and I inadvertently stuck my index finger outside the door jam at the very moment the door slammed shut. Startled, I yanked it out and sat there looking at. I don't know what I expected to see, but the damage appeared light and it throbbed with pain. I then thought to myself, "If my legs can hurt, I suppose the finger just as might as well too." Then I ignored it, put my seatbelt on and foggily drove to work. It's not often one finds a way to jam his finger in the car door while seated inside. But I did.

Training this week so far:

Monday 15.5 AM in 2:32:37
6.4 PM in 58:59
Tues 10 in 1:34:36
Wed 15.6 in 2:32:00
Thu 12 AM in 2:04:04
6.5 PM in 1:01:08

On tap: 18 tomorrow (what fun), 10 on Saturday, and 22 on Sunday. Completed the two planned doubles this week (1 hour jogs at lunch) and will increase to 4 doubles next week. A storm is on its way for tomorrow but I'll miss running in it as I think it will arrive after I am done with my workout. Instead, I'll have the pleasure of running in the result of it which should be a nice tenth of inch layer of ice on every surface in Eastport. Looks like I'll be re-doing my pain list shortly.


Blogger Chad Austin said...

Andrew, maybe you should slam your finger in the door BEFORE you run, then you'd for get about the pain in your legs and feet.

Just curious what your training paces are like in the summer months? I've been just basing all my easy runs on 8:30 pace. So if I run for an hour I call it 7 miles, even if I'm running over 9:00 pace.

It looks like you go solely by actual pace. Heck, if you're running for 16-18 hours a week, I'd say that's equivalent to nearly 115-125 mpw.

12/16/2005 9:00 AM  
Blogger Scooter said...

Part of this past summer, I was walking around with a bruise on my forehead. I managed to hit the door against my head (not the more sensible reverse!). I think that's one notch up the goofy scale from sticking your hand in the way of a closing door.

Two little things - do you actually heat with wood, or is it just a supplement? The frame on which the door shuts is a "jamb". Stay warm!

12/16/2005 10:38 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

Hi Andrew, my experience was that "easy" did get considerably faster over time, though I have no experience with ice! I bet 7:30 or better come spring. Keep tabs on the groin malady, if it hurts when carrying things could it be a sports/inguinal hernia? Keep in mind my medical experience consists of spell-checking "inguinal" on google once. Good luck with the added doubles, and I hope the soreness subsides soon.

12/16/2005 1:34 PM  

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