Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Running MDI Marathon on Sunday

Completely new to blogging, but not so new to running. Providing link to my upcoming marathon as a test to see if I am starting to understand the process of using blogger.


Tonight I am just 3 days and 9 hours from the start of my 4th marathon. After taking 12 years off I am back to running and have chosen marathons as my "specialty". I don't know why, except there is a thrill to almost every aspect of the event- from training, learning, meeting up with others, and of course the event itself. My least favorite part of the marathon experience is somewhere near 22 miles.

Sunday's marathon will be the MDI marathon in Bar Harbor, ME. This would be considered a local race for me (2 1/2 hours away). I ran it last year with a PR of 3:25:40. Since then I have run the Nova Scotia marathon in Barrington, Nova Scotia with a time of 3:32 in July '04. My running buddy, Marc and I took the ferry from St. John, NB to Digby, NS and participated in our first "international" marathon. Training leading up to the race left a lot to be desired so we treated it like a "long, long run". No doubt about "long" for me. My feet were killing me at mile 22. Only positive was I knew the feeling from my other two marathons (MDI '03 and Houston '03). The Houston marathon is another story...

My goal for MDI is 3:10 to qualify for Boston. I understand many use Boston as a goal and it isn't actually a unique goal, but there is a magic about shooting for this goal. Confidence is high even with the hilly course of MDI. Feeling good. We will see how things are after 20 miles - as this is where I run into difficulty.

I am going to stop here and post to see if this works. Good luck to all running this weekend.


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